In Memoriam

Lisa Selby

Passed on January 1, 2022

Lisa was a dedicated member of the LTSO who contributed to our organization in so many extraordinary ways, well beyond being a talented member of the cello section.

She was our personnel manager for many years who brought new structure and organization to the position, processes which are still in place today. Lisa then moved into the challenging role as marketing director and program designer. Her efforts helped drive larger audiences to our concerts and her program designs were creative, eye-catching and colorful, bringing a more professional look to our presentation.

Even when Lisa retired to Taos over two years ago, she continued to create our programs from afar which demonstrated how much she loved the LTSO. She wanted to continue to help, even if she could not play with us.

Lisa was a wonderful person and an important member of the LTSO – She will be greatly missed.

John Minthorn

1936 - 2017

John Minthorn was introduced to the trumpet during his sophomore year in high school and he never looked back. As a music teacher for the Cherry Creek School District he received the 1997-98 “Teacher of the Year” award. John was a founding member of LTSO as Principal Trumpet; he also played with the Denver Concert Band for many years. We so appreciated his dedication and will miss him very much.

Krista Ayers

1974 - 2014

Krista Ayers, 39, of Denver passed away February 23, 2014. Krista is survived by her parent, Ronnie and her brother, Michael. Krista loved playing her cello with the Lone Tree Symphony Orchestra and riding her Harley. We miss you so much Krista!

Phyllis Emma Rudduck

1925 - 2012

The Lone Tree Symphony Orchestra was very sad to lose a friend and violist, Phyllis Rudduck, who was an original member of the LTSO when it was founded in 2000. Her life always revolved around music from elementary school to her most recent endeavor as violist with our group. Phyllis always had a smile on her face and a song in her heart.