Our Musicians

Our Members

Membership in the Lone Tree Symphony Orchestra (LTSO) is open on a “space available” basis to adult and select high school or college musicians.  All members must have had adequate musical training and experience, and must make a commitment to maintain proficiency with their instrument and to perform to the best of their ability.  All members are expected to maintain a positive attitude and to promote a supportive atmosphere within their section and in the orchestra.  The leadership and Board of Directors is committed to making the participation in the LTSO an enjoyable experience for all participants. 

Jacinda Bouton

Conductor & Music Director

Natalie Hill





Amy Benson

 (Assistant Concertmaster)

Carrie Beeder 

(Principal Second Violin)

Erin Dalby

 (Assistant Principal Second Violin)

Lydia Baldridge

Iris Chang

May Chen

David Cher

Ethan Coffey

Susan Day

Sierra Erickson

Kirsten Fetrow

Debby Funk

Edward Goldson

Miki Goldwire

Claudia Herzog

Jean Inaba

Meredith Kirkendall

Lisa Kriss

Judy Lichtin

Barb Mendelsberg

Alicia Mitchell

Adelaide Naughton

Joy Pearson

Lisa Schoch

Julie St. Croix

Jenny Von Stroh

Lisa Zelinger Cohen


Suzie Tellefson^

Jennifer Campbell

Jessica Galant-Swafford

Hanna Hann

Campbell Harrison

Haley Heer

Aubrey Kiesel

David Montgomery

Gail Sindelar


Abby Nelson^

Mary Barnes

Tim Carbo

Lisa Fugit

Anne Hanson

Eric James

Julianne Lincoln

Andrea Meyers

Cynthia Norman

Barb Risner

Chris Siguenza

Cherie Swisher

Jake Thaler

Double Bass

Peter Huffaker*

Ben Greene^

David Shugert


Don Hilsburg


Nancy Casper

Corrilee Kielmeyer

Amy Prater


Markus Botwinick*

Mary Nichols

Bass Clarinet

Mark Masters


Geoffrey Long

French Horn

David Unkrich*

Bill Hamaker

Patty Kritz

John Larson


Ken Weller*

Yuki Hu


Gary Wilhelm*

Karl Leppmann

Mark Loye


Scott McDonald*

Paul Ward

Bass Trombone

Rick Phelps


Fred Selby


Alana Boyles

Brian Kriss

Duke Roberts

Amelia Webster


^Assistant Principal